Download Black Horizon's Deleted Chapter "The Caroliners"

Download Black Horizon's Deleted Chapter "The Caroliners" 17/04/2015 by Robert Dyer

"The walls glowed, luminous orbs floating gently, bouncing upwards towards sunlight. Caroline watched the images on an array of high-definition TV screens, a mug of café latte clutched against her chest. She leaned against one of the dozen high-backed chairs that were tucked neatly into place around the circular, highly varnished cherry-wood table, waiting for Truby to close all the three open doors. Her fingers traced the lighter beech of the inlaid carving at each place on the table.

The twelve signs of the zodiac.

'Astrology? Are you superstitious?' she asked, as Truby completed his task. With the final door closed, the lighting automatically switched from bright, flat luminescence to a dimmed background with a circle of muted overhead ceiling lights."

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