Gemini Force One Story

The history behind Gemini Force One devised and developed by Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson
and brought to fans by his son Jamie Anderson and bestselling author M. G. Harris.

Feb 2008 Concept originally penned by Gerry Anderson in February 2008.

Apr 2008 Gerry started work on first book.

Dec 2010 Gerry ceases work due to Alzheimer's.

Dec 2012 Gerry Anderson's sad passing.

Jan 2013 Jamie Anderson talks to M.G.

Feb 2013 Jamie Anderson took over project.

Apr 2013 Jamie Anderson signed M.G. to write book.

Sep 2013 Kickstarter Campaign launched for funding.

Oct 2013 Kickstarter raises £33,464.

Dec 2013 Robert Kirby becomes literary agent.

Mar 2014 Orion Books jump on board.

Aug 2014 Kickstarter Edition launch.

Apr 2015 Black Horizon published.